School Workshops

School Workshops

Invite me to your School.

As a highly trained specialists in couple dance styles. I offer exciting and structured dance workshops that you can bring into your dance school to add a new dynamic, subject or variety of teaching.

My dance packages are designed specially, to inject technique in a fun informal way. Whatever styles of couple dance you would like to explore or advance your students in. You’ll find my communication and interpretation of dance idea, discussion of performance: awareness, and safe practice will help to improve your pupils performance skills, musicality, timing, phrasing and technical skills.

Suggested ideas to chose from

  • The 4 Ballroom Walks – Learn about the 4 styles of Walk
  • To Sway or not to Sway – Understand when and were to sway .
  • Floor Craft a Dying Art  – How to travel around the floor with correct alignment in the Ballroom
  • Is Footwork Important –  The correct footwork for the Dance style
  • Whens a Turn not a Turn –  Understanding change of direction, CBM and CBMP
  • Who’s leading here? –  Getting to grips with who does what and the correct hold.
  • The 9 Rumba or indeed Cha Cha Walks – Learn about the 9 walks in Cuban Style- Latin American Dancers
  • The 9 Samba Rhythms – Learn about the 9 rhythms in the Latin American Dance Samba
  • Cuban Motion – how your feet move your hips
  • Lets explore the hold – Working with different Latin holds
  • Story telling – communication and interpretation of the dance
  • Let’s Neaten it up – Learn the five foot positions in Classical Sequence and how to classical Waltz

or ask for something specific! – I am available to teach from young children to adults of all ages and will tailor my workshop to suit you classes ability etc.

2 hours £80 booked at a time that is suitable for you and Janet, this does not include venue hire which you must book.

Note if you are outside of 10 miles from FY45LP and additional cost of 50p per mile need to be paid



Please note All private sessions must be paid in advance. If you book a private session then you will still be charged unless you give 24 hours notice of cancellation.