English as a Foreign Language

Learning English as a foreign language will helps you to communicate across cultures and to conduct business the UK in other English speaking countries. It also helps you to address customers in the language that they understand best and in which they are most comfortable communicating.

Whether you have

  • Moved to the UK and need a better understanding of English
  • You want to train as a dance teacher but English is not your first language
  • Your first language is BSL and want to improve your English

I’m here to help teach you, from young children to adults of all ages. Note parents must stay during session if students are under 18 years of age. See My Qualifications

1 hours £20 booked at a time that is suitable for you and Janet, will either be at your home or Janet’s.


Note if you are outside of 10 miles from FY45LP and additional cost of 50 per mile need to be paid


Please note All private sessions must be paid in advance. If you book a private session then you will still be charged unless you give 24 hours notice of cancellation.